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Easy Ordering
Authorized distributors can place orders by email or fax. Include your email address on your purchase order, and we will send you a confirmation once your order has been processed.
Please email with your PO number in the subject line.

Purchase Order Checklist:
  • Industry identification number
  • Purchase order number, company and contact names, phone and fax numbers, and billing, mailing and email addresses
  • Requested ship and in-hands dates
  • Item number and quantity
  • Product and imprint color(s)
  • Pricing and set up charges (include quote numbers, if applicable)
  • Artwork layout
  • Ship to address, including ship method
  • An email address for invoices

Send Artwork: Please email with your PO number in the subject line and your company name and industry ID number in the body of the email. If there is a question or problem with the artwork, we will contact you once we begin processing the art for production.
Shipping and Tracking: Please provide your email address on your PO to receive tracking numbers for your shipment.

Production Options
All orders and artwork, regardless of the production type, must be received by 3:00 PM EST to be processed that day. Please specify your company name and purchase order number in all emails to ensure prompt processing.

Standard 5 Day Production
  • Includes orders up to catalog quantities with standard imprint (one color or four color process, if applicable)
  • Art proofs are not provided unless requested on your purchase order; please submit a PDF of the artwork to ensure correct transmission. All orders requiring paper proofs will not be assigned a ship date until the paper proof approval is received. All orders requiring typesetting will automatically receive a proof.
  • Orders will ship on the fifth working day, not including the day art/PO is received.
  • Orders over catalog quantities, contact customer service via phone or email for production scheduling.
  • Orders requiring split standard/rush production will incur a split order charge of $30.00 (g) for the standard production pieces.

FREE 24 Hour or 3 Day Rush Service
  • Order must be clearly marked with the rush service required.
  • Available on most items at catalog pricing only with standard imprint (one color or four color process, if applicable). Please reference individual product pages for rush availability.
  • PO/art must be received by 3:00 pm EST. Order will ship on next business or third working day, not including the day PO/art is received. Complete art must be sent. If typesetting is required, a proof will be sent, delaying ship date. Expedited shipping requirements must be specified on your purchase order or your order will ship UPS Ground. Please calculate transit time to ensure delivery as expected.
  • PO must have complete details, including ship address. Maximum 3 drop ships available.
  • Art proofs are not provided; please submit a PDF of the artwork to ensure correct transmission.
  • Account must be current and/or have appropriate credit line established; new customers will be required to prepay orders until credit is established.
  • Orders requiring split standard/rush production will incur a split order charge of $30.00 (g) for the standard production pieces.
  • Any orders requiring rush service outside of these guidelines, please contact customer service via phone or email
  • Artwork requiring adjustments or corrections to make ready for processing will delay shipment of your order.
  • Incomplete purchase orders that require clarification will delay shipment of your order.
  • Changes to rush orders cannot be accepted without delaying scheduled ship date.

Set Up and Additional Charges/Policies
Set Up Charges: Set up charges vary by product. A one color and/or four color process imprint is included with initial set up charge; see individual product pages for specific information. Please note additional color/side/position run and set up charges as applicable.

Exact Reorder Set Up Charge: Reorder set up charges vary by product. A repeat order must have the exact same artwork as the previous order; imprint colors may vary from order to order. Any change, whether copy or art, will require a new set up charge. Artwork is typically kept on file for two years. If previous artwork is not on file, please submit new art. A new art set up charge will be required.

Copy Change: New set up charges apply. Absolute minimum quantity is required per copy change.

PMS Match: Available at $40.00 (g) per color, per order on most products; see “Decorating and Imprint Details” for full information.

Ink Color Charge: $25.00 (g) per change; ink changes are subject to absolute minimum quantities.

Program/Co-op Orders:Ongoing repeat orders with the same logo/art may be eligible for catalog EQP pricing and no reorder set up charges. Contact customer service for full details; a factory assigned co-op/SP number is required for co-op pricing benefits and must be noted on each order to ensure proper billing.

Over/Under Run Policy: All orders are subject to a 5% over/under run, and will be shipped and invoiced accordingly. For exact quantities, add $20.00 (g) per order.

Assorted Product Colors: See individual product pages for assorted color quantity requirements. Assorted colors are not available on less than catalog minimum or blank products.

Order Changes: Changes to orders in process should be sent to Changes made after order is entered will be charged $5.00 (g) per change. Changes to art after screen has been made will incur a new setup charge. Shipping changes must be submitted 48 hours in advance of ship date; changes cannot be made the day the order is scheduled to ship.

Distributor Self Promotions: EQP less 25%, 50% off set up fee on all orders of standard catalog quantity. Standard service only. FREE Fast Lane rush service not available.

Blank Product:EQP or Megadeal less 5%; minimum order of $75.00 required. All blank orders returned will be subject to a 15% restock fee. Blank orders ship unassembled unless otherwise requested. Assembly charges and additional production time may apply.

Artwork Requirements
Artwork is kept on file for maximum of two years. After two years, a full set up charge applies and new artwork is required.

Art Identification: To ensure prompt processing, please make sure all artwork submitted contains your purchase order number in the subject line and your company name and industry ID number in the body of the message. Please include a PDF or hard copy of the artwork to ensure proper transmission of the art file.

Art Requirements: We prefer one color vector art, acceptable vector formats are: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, or PDF files. If you need to submit an image, they must be to imprint size and be at least 300 dpi for best results, acceptable image formats are Adobe Photoshop, jpg, or tiff files. We do not accept data files, publisher files, InDesign files, faxed or scanned art, or word documents as art files. All fonts must be converted to curves/outlines prior to submission to avoid font problems; factory is not responsible for font conversion errors. Multi-color Art: Please provide vector art, and designate colors for accurate color separation.

Four Color Process Artwork and Imprinting: Please visit our website at to access our templates for four color process art. We need 1/4" bleed on most four color process products as well as 1/4" inside the cut line to ensure nothing important is cut off. Photos for scanning are acceptable, add $40.00 (g) per photo. Please provide PMS# for color reference, PMS matches are not available on four color process items.

Art Layout and Charges: If art layout is not specified by customer, factory will use its discretion on setup. If artwork does not meet the art requirements above, we can recreate artwork at a charge of $60.00 (g) per hour. Normal typesetting can be done at no charge, typesetting of more than 50 characters will incur an additional charge at the rate of $60.00 (g) per hour. If any additional art charges are needed, we will notify customer for approval prior to proceeding with your order. If typesetting is required a proof will automatically be sent, ship date will be assigned once approved.

Art Proof Approvals
Electronic proofs are available only upon request on smaller quantity orders; all large quantity orders (over catalog quantity) are proofed and must be signed off on before production scheduling. No ship date is confirmed until proof approval is received; color virtual proofs, if requested, can add up to an additional 24 hours to process. Once proof approval is received, standard service orders up to catalog quantities will ship in 5 working days, larger quantity orders will require longer production times. Orders requiring customer initiated art revisions after initial proofing will be charged a $10.00 (g) revision charge for ANY changes to the art. Orders cannot ship on the day approval is received. (See Production Options for details)

Decorating and Imprint Details
Multi-Color Imprints: In order to achieve registration, many start up pieces are required which cannot be shipped. The additional time and materials required to achieve a multi-color registration cannot be absorbed on small quantity orders. The quantities required for multi-color printing are:
  • Two color imprints are available at catalog minimum on most items.
  • Three or more imprint colors require a minimum of 500 pieces on most items.
  • Less than established minimum quantities are not available for multi color imprints.
Multi-Color Registration Requirements: 1/16" is factory standard and must be deemed acceptable. For tight registration, please consult factory for pre-approval of artwork. Artwork of 3 colors or more should be submitted in advance for review.

Ink Color Charge: $25.00 (g) per change; ink changes are subject to absolute minimum quantities.

Copy Change: New set up charges apply. Absolute minimum quantity is required per copy change.

Imprinting Pricing & Second Side Imprints: Most prices include a one color/one sided imprint; please see individual product pages for specifications and second side imprinting charges. Drinkware is automatically imprinted with the same artwork on both sides, unless otherwise specified or if the artwork lends itself to a wrap imprint. A wrap imprint does not print the full circumference of the product.

Standard Imprint Colors: PMS Red 193 matches red lids, PMS Blue 2728 matches blue lids, PMS Blue 295 matches pearl blue lids, PMS Aqua 3125 matches aqua lids, PMS Purple 267 matches purple lids. Below are our standard imprint colors:

Note: Indicated PMS colors will go off the number, not the reproduced swatch due to inconsistencies in catalog print color reproduction. Please reference your PMS guide for most accurate color representation.

Translucent & Dark Colored Products: White, Metallic Silver PMS 877 and Metallic Gold PMS 871 are recommended imprint colors on translucent and dark colored items. Second side and black imprints are not recommended on translucent colored items. Metallic inks may require additional charges. Metallic ink is not available on four color process items.

PMS Colors & Dark Colored Products: PMS matches are available at $40.00 (g) per color, per order on most products. If specific color match charge and instructions are not clearly indicated, factory will match indicated PMS color as close as possible without a charge (color will be within two shades of specified color and cannot be duplicated on reorders). Dark colored products will alter the appearance of most imprint colors; PMS matches cannot be achieved on dark colored products without a white underlay, which will incur additional costs. For PMS matching on four color process items, please see "Four Color Process Artwork and Imprinting."

QR Codes: While we test QR Codes via several different programs prior to producing an order, we cannot guarantee the codes will work on all QR Code apps.

Pre-Production, Spec Samples and Random Samples
Pre-production proofs are recommended on multi-color, large quantity orders or may be required at the discretion of factory based on difficult artwork. Pre-production proof ship method will be determined by factory. Pre-production proofs on some items are cost prohibitive. Customer changes to pre-production proofs based on submitted artwork will incur new screen charges.
Pre-production and spec samples are billed at $20.00 (g) per imprint color, plus product cost, screen charge(s) and freight, and may be credited to the final order.
US: Random samples are provided at no charge; you must supply your ship number. Small items that can ship in an envelope via USPS will ship at no charge, no tracking available. Blank samples not available see blank section for minimum order requirements.
Canadian: All samples ship via UPS Standard prepaid and will be billed a flat $10.00 fee up to 5 samples.

Name Badges and Badge Release Program
Personalization: Please submit names for personalization with your purchase order, names required in Word or Excel document. It is essential to provide the names in the exact format for printing; please note clearly if names are to be stacked, single line, type case (caps or upper/lower), and please define title position, if applicable. Names will be produced exactly as submitted; please ensure punctuation and all name, title and type details are correct and complete.

Badge Release Program: Prepaid badges can be released one or more at a time on demand; complete fulfillment details will be sent with confirmation of your order. Please reference item # CPSRLS and the number of badges within your order that will require future fulfillment in individual drops; each release is $2.00 (g) per badge. Badges ship within 5 working days via USPS first class and within the United States only. Rush Service is not available. Expedited shipping and/or international shipping will be billed accordingly. It is expected for all badge release programs to be completed and fulfilled within two calendar years from date of purchase order.

Shipping Details and Charges
Standard shipping is via UPS Ground, unless otherwise specified on purchase order. Expedited freight authorization and changes in ship method and/ or ship to address must be confirmed in writing to Shipping changes must be submitted 48 hours in advance of ship date; changes cannot be made the day the order is scheduled to ship. Freight charges are published rates plus a handling charge and fuel surcharge (where applicable). Please verify freight costs with factory. All air packages are rated by carton size or weight, whichever is greater. All small packaged freight for cartons over 1 cubic foot in size are now rated and billed dimensionally. Keystone Line is not responsible for any freight deemed excessive due to these billing classification changes. We will on request, provide freight estimates based on our negotiated rates. Delivery liability with factory ends when merchandise is delivered to a freight carrier. If the carrier fails to make a timely delivery, the distributor still has a liability to the factory.
  • Drop ship add $6.00 (g) per location
  • Less than carton pack add $4.00 (g) per carton
  • Parcel post shipment add $5.00 (g) pick up charge per order
  • FOB Erie, Pennsylvania 16506
  • Truck Shipments: Add $20.00 per pallet for palletizing and shrink wrapping. For all 2nd or 3rd party truck shipments, a commercial invoice* must be sent with the bill of lading when applicable
  • *Commercial invoice prepared by CPS: $25.00
  • Delivery intercept fee is $12.50 per box plus any additional freight charges that may apply.
2nd/3rd Party Shipping: $2.50 per carton handling charge will be invoiced with your order. All small package freight for cartons over 1 cubic foot in size are now rated and billed dimensionally. Keystone Line is not responsible for any freight deemed excessive based on 2nd/3rd party billing accounts. We will provide freight estimates based on our negotiated rates.

Freight Carrier Address Correction Charges: $14.00 per carton, or the applicable carrier charge. Please verify your exact ship to address on your purchase order to avoid delays and correction charges. Address correction charges and/or freight charge backs will be billed within 30 business days of shipment and will not be credited.

Force Majeure: CPS Keystone is not responsible or liable for nonfulfillment of an order due to natural disaster, strikes, customs delays, or other circumstances beyond our control.

Pricing Details and Credit Terms
Pricing: Factory is not responsible for incorrect purchase order information; please verify all related item/order costs or contact Customer Service to confirm pricing details.

Pricing Changes: Due to the instability of raw material prices, factory reserves the right to amend the prices in this catalog after giving 30 days' notice. Please contact factory prior to confirming previously quoted large quantity orders. Published prices in this catalog are effective at time of publication. Due to fluctuating currency and material costs beyond our control, the most current prices will always be published, with appropriate advance advisement on our website and those prices will prevail.

Payment: Standard terms are net 30 days. Payments not received within terms will cause production delays on current and future orders. 1 1/2 percent interest charge may be assessed on all past due balances. MasterCard, Visa and American Express (US based customers only); ACH and checks are accepted. Returned checks will incur a $30.00 service charge. Credit card payments that decline will incur a $10.00 fee. Deposits are required on all first time orders and will continue to be required until terms are established. Contact our credit department for a credit application. Credit card numbers are not kept on file unless specifically requested. Terms may be revoked without notice. New customers must provide a resale certificate and tax exempt form, when applicable. CPS sells exclusively through verified promotional products distributors.

Price Quotations: Valid for 30 days due to uncertain raw material costs.

Assembly: Please note assembly charges where applicable.

Cancellations: All cancellations are subject to approval by the factory. Costs incurred will be billed for all work performed to point of cancellation, plus $30.00 (g).

Guarantee: All products are guaranteed against defects in material and printing subject to normal consumer applications. Claims must be made within 15 days. Product color finish may vary due to manufacturing process. Plastic products may show molding/scuff marks resulting from the production and shipping processes. Poly bagging is recommended to minimize scuff marks, see individual catalog pages for pricing. Factory will not be held responsible for scuffed products. Mugs, cups and bottles are not dishwasher or microwave safe, nor are they measuring devices; capacity stated is to the rim. Measurements for all items are approximate and may vary from lot to lot. Samples should be requested in advance for any items with which you are not familiar. CPS/Keystone is not responsible for the content, errors or omissions of artwork that would cause any loss of customer income or customer goodwill.

Return Policy: No merchandise may be returned without pre-approval from factory. Please contact factory for a RMA# and ensure that it is clearly marked on all boxes being returned. Shipments without factory RMA# will be refused. All blank orders returned will be subject to a 15% of product price restock fee.

Product Colors & Illustration: Product color finish may vary due to manufacturing process. Logos used in marketing materials are for illustrative purposes only. This does not imply endorsements, nor has the owner for such design expressly authorized any items with the specific logos for sale to anyone. Products and product colors are approximate and are for illustrative purposes only; factory reserves the right to offer a substitute product that compares in price, design, type and color for those shown in this catalog.